Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)


Points of Contact Tim Strowbridge Amy Mifflin Brian Hattori Rebecca Denney Your Content Goes Here Investors and consumers increasingly demand companies to improve their operations as measured by Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards. Purposeful ESG and sustainability programmes demonstrate to stakeholders a company’s commitment to operate responsibly [...]

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Land and Groundwater Assessment and Remediation


Your Content Goes Here Geosyntec provides specialised site assessment and remediation services to public and private sector clients in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. We employ technology-based strategies to meet our clients' stewardship, financial, and compliance goals to remediate and/or manage sites with soil and groundwater contamination issues. [...]

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Specialised In Situ Treatment of Contaminated Soil and Water


Your Content Goes Here Geosyntec is an industry leader in remediating chlorinated solvent impacts to soil, groundwater, and sediments using advanced in situ bioremediation techniques. Geosyntec provides advanced applications of microbiology-based solutions for the remediation of recalcitrant contaminants in soil and groundwater, particularly those that have proven resistant to [...]

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Mergers, Divestitures, and Acquisitions


Points of Contact Tim Strowbridge Susanne Bergquist  Your Content Goes Here Geosyntec's due diligence practitioners specialize in assisting mergers, divestitures and acquisitions (MD&A) activities by identifying environmental and operational liabilities and their underlying financial and business risks.  Our diverse professionals combine technical expertise to produce streamlined recommendations designed to enhance deal-flow.  As [...]

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Risk Assessment and Subsurface Vapour Intrusion to Indoor Air


Your Content Goes Here Geosyntec has an international reputation as one of the preeminent consultants for assessing and managing subsurface vapor intrusion to indoor air. We have built our vapour intrusion practice on nearly two decades of applied research and practical experience in this area. We have contributed to [...]

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Complex Construction Management


Your Content Goes Here Geosyntec practitioners provide public and private clients comprehensive construction management services at complex project sites around the world. This has been a core service area for our teams of engineers, geologists, and technicians for more than 25 years. We maintain a trusted position of industry [...]

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Waste Containment Facility Planning and Design


Your Content Goes Here Geosyntec is recognized as a leader in helping our clients achieve safe, secure containment of their regulated wastes requiring land disposal.  We provide engineering and related services for siting, permitting, design, construction management/quality assurance, environmental monitoring, and closure/post-closure care. We apply advanced concepts in geotechnical [...]

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Environmental Management Systems


Your Content Goes Here Geosyntec provides a full suite of environmental management services for legal, industrial, commercial and government clients.  Our technical specialists build compliance solutions, generate defensible valuations of impaired properties, distinguish between potential and actual environmental risks, and reduce energy and water-resource utilization. Our focus extends from [...]

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Data Management, Visualisation, and Analysis


Your Content Goes Here Today's projects involving the natural and built environment require the collection, organization, visualisation, and analysis of large amounts of data from diverse sources. Geosyntec specializes in developing systems to bring order to the data, allowing site conditions to be documented in their entirety. This methodology [...]

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