Dana Aspel, MSc

Dana Aspel, MSc Dana Aspel is a graduate environmental geologist working on the assessment, management, and remediation of contaminated land within the United Kingdom and Ireland. She received a first-class Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in International Field Geoscience from University College Cork and University of Montana and a distinction in her M.Sc. Applied Environmental Geoscience degree from University College Cork. Dana has experience in geotechnical design for large infrastructure developments as well as in assessments of contaminated land and groundwater, including landfills.

Dana joined Geosyntec in 2021 to advance her career in environmental geology. Dana is now gaining experience with high resolution site investigation and vapour monitoring projects across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Her particular interest areas include understanding the behaviour of dense and light nonaqueous phase liquids, the use of new technology to assist with remediation of new contaminants such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), and the use of computer modelling to develop more detailed reports to assist with the accuracy of conceptual site models and remediation plans.