Emanuele Bosman, MESci, FGS

Emanuele is a geologist focused on soil and groundwater site investigation and assessment. He has experience of geological, hydrogeological and chemical data interpretation, risk assessment and reporting, and has accrued significant site experience in a combination of multi-phase contaminated soil and groundwater investigations.

Emanuele has project management responsibilities for several long-term groundwater and landfill gas monitoring projects including active chemical manufacturing and historic landfill sites.

Emanuele's fieldwork experience includes the design, implementation and oversight of groundwater and soil sampling using low flow and passive groundwater sampling techniques, environmental drilling works including design and installation of groundwater monitoring wells, hydraulic testing including baildown testing and slug testing, ground gas sampling and soil vapour surveys.

Emanuele has a keen interest and expertise in 3D site and contaminant modelling using Earth Volumetric Studio (EVS). Emanuele has presented work at The Society for Remediation Practitioners in the UK (RemSoc).