Land Development and Construction

Transaction support related to landholdings is another core service offering at Geosyntec. A significant proportion of industry is rationalising its business footprint in countries across Europe. Part of this process involves divesting certain business units, sites, or landholdings to third party buyers, providing a cash injection to remaining operations and/or helping to fund other environmental liability management activities.

Geosyntec supports such programmes, by assessing and quantifying environmental liability issues, whether for the vendor, the acquirer, or both. The high level of knowledge and practical experience vested in the Principal and Senior Consultants in the firm allow rapid assessment and reporting to interested parties on the main issues of potential concern. Residual contaminated land and groundwater issues often form a dominant aspect when sites are to be redeveloped.

Whether it is decommissioning and remediation of a former industrial facility, to redeveloping property for new use as a residential or commercial interest, Geosyntec possesses the in-house scientific, engineering, and programme management expertise to design, permit, and implement a cost-effective, practical solution for clients. Geosyntec's services include the programme management of facility demolition, all phases of site investigation and corrective action, regulatory negotiation and permit acquisition, planning support and environmental impact assessment.