Geosyntec provides technical services for strategic asset management and resolution of complex environmental issues for diverse range of manufacturing companies.

While diversified manufacturers may have multiple business units, involved in the development, manufacture, shipping, maintenance, and marketing of hundreds of products, the environmental challenges have many common elements associated with environmental compliance, legacy site management and property transfers. Geosyntec is particularly adept at working with corporate departments to develop environmental plans and programmes that are flexible enough to meet the needs of each business unit whilst serving a common purpose.

We routinely work with manufacturers that have product line portfolios and production processes associated with electricity generation, medical equipment, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers and plastics, electrical and mechanical appliances, ferrous and non-ferrous metal products, paper and timber products and transportation (road, rail and aircraft).

Our practitioners apply broad expertise and practical experience to manage and resolve even the most difficult environmental problems associated with such dissimilar manufacturing operations, including operating facilities, sites that are being rationalized, closed plants, and legacy sites. Geosyntec also offers creative compliance solutions that enable our clients to identify, quantify, prioritize, and manage the environmental risks associated with ongoing operations and idle properties.