Mark Flanagan, BSc, MSc, CEng, CGeol

Mark is a Principal Engineering Geologist with more than 23 years of experience providing consultancy advice for a wide variety of client types on environmental, geological, geotechnical, geohazards, and mining legacy issues.

A chartered engineer and chartered geologist, Mark has managed and worked at site investigations for varying end uses, investigations of geohazards and mining legacy issues on railways, engineering and environmental assessments of former power station sites, construction of large-scale landfill construction sites, redevelopment of port facilities for the offshore wind industry, and redevelopment of brownfields sites.

To help clients across the United Kingdom, Mark prepares detailed desk-based reports, site evaluations, constraints assessments, and preliminary risk assessments to inform on future use and development, including assessing any abnormal costs to remediate and develop sites. He routinely conducts detailed mining risk assessments that include interpreting mining geology and calculating zones of potential surface instability associated with abandoned mine workings at shallow depth; assessing sites for shallow abandoned mine workings and mine entries; assessing and investigating geohazards (including gypsum dissolution), and designing and supervising mine shaft location works by excavation and probe drilling, drilling and grouting of mineshafts and shallow abandoned mine workings, and capping of mine shafts.

A proven project manager for large-scale ground stabilisation projects, redevelopment of port sites and investigation, and re-engineering of former coal-fired power stations, Mark manages large construction projects including the preparation and administration of tender and contract documents for a variety of conditions of contract, including specifications and description of works, designers risk assessments, and pre-tender health and safety plans. He also reviews construction phase health and safety plans and prepares health and safety files in accordance with regulations.