Marlies van der Schee, MSc, PhD

Dr Marlies van der Schee is a Senior Staff Professional at Geosyntec. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Earth Sciences from the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands and was awarded a Marie Sklodowska-Curie scholarship to pursue a PhD at the University of Salamanca in Spain. She successfully defended her thesis in 2016 on the geochemical reconstruction of past climates based on deep-sea drilling cores from the Gibraltar region. The results have been published in several peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Dr van der Schee works on soil and groundwater remediation projects specializing on fractured rock sites. She is focused on designing, coordinating and carrying out geohydrological site investigations using a wide variety of methodologies, including soil vapour surveys, groundwater monitoring and hydrological testing. These projects were characterized by their international and complex nature. Previously, Dr van der Schee has undertaken similar work responsibilities while working for Tauw bv. in The Netherlands.

Recently, Dr van der Schee has played a pivotal role during an ISCO-treatment on a pharmaceutical site in which she coordinated and reported the assessment of the treatment. Additionally, she performed predictive infiltration models for hydrocarbons on various sites. For Geosyntec, Dr van der Schee plays an active role in the Women Mentoring Programme. She has worked on projects across Europe including Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, North-Macedonia, Bulgaria and Servia.