Oil and Gas

Geosyntec has served the oil and gas industry with environmental consulting, engineering, and management expertise for nearly two decades. We routinely work with all segments of the industry – downstream, midstream, and upstream – as well as legacy sites and litigation support. In keeping with the industry focus, we emphasize safety process and performance in all our work efforts. We are proud of our exceptional safety record.

Our practice focuses on the industry's most difficult sites, whether the challenges relate to technical complexity, regulatory compliance, or schedule and cost objectives. We apply our academic training, practical experience, and creative thinking to develop inventive technical and management solutions to the hard problems. We are well versed in dealing with the environmental challenges specific to E&P such as saltwater management and residuals containing naturally-occurring radioactive materials (NORM). Geosyntec is also often first-to-field with innovative approaches to hydrocarbon and oxygenate issues in soil and groundwater, such as co-authoring new protocols for monitored natural attenuation of oxygenates and LNAPL. From the management of E&P residuals and treatment of process waste to transshipment facility site restoration and marketing terminal stormwater compliance, Geosyntec provides exceptional client service to the oil and gas industry.