Power and Utilities

Power Industry clients rely on Geosyntec for environmental, geotechnical, water resources, and structural engineering services, as well as consulting, design, and regulatory compliance services.

We provide these services for hydro, fossil fuel, nuclear, and renewable energy generating and transmission facilities in the United States. In the UK we have provided IPPC licensing services, environmental due diligence, waste repository design, water resource assessment and contaminated land assessment services for fossil fuel and nuclear power generation clients.

Geosyntec has performed a wide range of geotechnical engineering services including transmission and substation foundation design, annual inspections for large dams, seepage and stability reviews as part of ash stack retrofits, and geotechnical subsurface investigations to U.S. Department of Energy NQA-1 standards. Our professionals have significant experience in the design and permitting of coal combustion product (CCP) disposal facilities, including creative design approaches to expand and maximize storage capacity at existing CCP facilities. Geosyntec is active in the beneficial reuse of CCP in construction and in the reuse of closed CCP disposal facilities as parks and recreational areas.

The accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant prompted the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to develop criteria for reactor licensees to re-evaluate hazards at their sites. Our capabilities in the evaluation of nuclear plant seismic and man-made hazards and flooding analysis enable us to assist our clients in providing their stakeholders with assurance of safe and continued operations during extreme events.

Geosyntec staff have developed investigative strategies and directed studies involving radionuclide releases at nuclear plant and fuel production sites, particularly those with complex hydrogeologic and infrastructure characteristics in the US and UK. We conduct site remediation at power plants, manufactured gas plants, and other legacy sites, often using innovative approaches to achieve cleanup objectives for site restoration. We routinely conduct groundwater sampling/monitoring at fossil fuel facilities to support these endeavors.

Geosyntec has direct, recent experience conducting environmental assessments and developing permit packages for new environmental control facilities. We have engineered and implemented innovative, practical approaches to address thermal discharges and achieve impingement/entrainment performance standards. We also have expertise in demolition/decommissioning of retired power plants, air quality assessment and regulatory compliance for operating plants, and surface-water quality management using low-impact development methods.