Sonya O’Loughlin, MSc

Sonya is a hydrogeologist working on a variety of environmental site assessment and remediation projects on both closed and active industrial sites. Her projects involve geological, hydrogeological and chemical data collection, as well as data interpretation and preparation of technical reports. She has specialist software experience including ArcGIS, Microsoft Access, AQTESOLV, and EVS.

Sonya has been involved with the implementation of a remedial action plan involving Enhanced In-Situ Bioremediation to remedy groundwater contamination by organic solvents.  She has experience with site investigation, groundwater monitoring, and hydraulic testing at this site, as well as data management and processing. Sonya also has experience with the implementation and management of groundwater monitoring programmes in support of EPA license surrender.

Sonya's Masters research project involved the determination of physical and hydraulic properties of aggregate used in agricultural land drainage systems. Sonya has a background in earth sciences and research including the mapping and logging of Silurian rocks in Co. Mayo, Ireland.