Roads and Transportation

Geosyntec is a trusted partner for a wide range of transportation projects found throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, and on a global basis. Our practitioners help in the planning, design, construction management, and long-term maintenance of highways, bridges, tunnels, ports, and offshore facilities for public and private clients that help people and goods move safely and efficiently by air, sea, and land.

Geosyntec also has experience with all manner of environmental issues associated with rail, trucking, and ports. Our engineers and scientists offer clients decades of experience in project planning, due diligence, and environmental management services for large-scale design and construction projects. We provide comprehensive environmental impact statements, site investigations, and geographic information systems for clients planning to build new infrastructure or remediate impacts from aging facilities. We also design stormwater management plans and help implement best management practices for streetscapes, runways, port facilities, and similar sites in need of innovative solutions for runoff control.