Waste Management

Since its founding, Geosyntec has helped both public and private sector clients in the solid waste management industry. Our experience includes the permitting, design, construction management, and closure of landfills, design and construction of leachate and landfill gas management systems, and design and construction of waste transfer stations.

Our experience spans the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia involving more than 500 waste management facilities operating under a broad range of site, operational, and regulatory settings.

Our clients call on Geosyntec to help them site, permit, and design new solid waste disposal facilities and expand existing facilities. We work to assure that their criteria related to siting, capacity, staging, and community acceptance are met. We use the latest technologies to maximize the benefit of our clients' investments. These include innovative methods developed by our staff for vertical and lateral expansion, collection and treatment of leachate and landfill gas , and accelerated degradation of waste in bioreactor landfills. We have worked collaboratively with U.S. EPA and leading academic institutions on applied R&D initiatives related to landfill design and long-term performance. We are active in the Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council (ITRC), and we have developed strong, positive relationships with regulators across the country.

We are constantly innovating on behalf of our clients. Geosyntec is among the leaders in developing new approaches to emerging waste management needs, including wastes from generation of coal-fired electricity generation (i.e., fly ash), dredge materials, and low-level radioactive wastes. We were among the first to design applications of vertical flow constructed wetlands for treating landfill leachate. Geosyntec is the first environmental engineering firm to become a member of the Exchange and offer its clients the ability to earn revenue from qualifying landfill gas emission reductions.